Henan SL Vibration Control Tech Co.,Ltd

Henan SL Vibration Control Tech Co.,Ltd

Air Suspension Specialist
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Henan SL Vibration Control Tech Co.,Ltd
is a professional manufacturer of air suspension products, located in Pingqiao district,Henan Province. With 15 years of experiences, we supply a complete set of solutions for air suspension system to improve ride, handling and load capacity. 

We have about 10 000 square meters of manufacturing plant, and another 2 000 square meters of finished item warehouse. Our products are mainly air springs and air struts/shock absorbers covering a wide range of car makers.

Through the years, we have been working with Tsinghua University Automotive Engineering Institute, the No.1 talent gathering place in China. Great improvements and process have been made through deep cooperation and research.

Focusing on the specific field and through continuously technical breakthroughs and quality assurance, our parts are popular and well received in North America, Europe, and Asia. We are ISO9001 and TS16949 certified, and are fully committed to customer satisfaction. 100% brand new construction, OEM quality standard, product warranty and return policy make us trustworthy and reliable for your business expansion and profitability. 


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